The Truth About Sexual Desire – Part 2

With so much sex in the world, it is no wonder that so many of our youth are wildin out. The truth of the matter is that they are simply reenacting the things they see adults do, say and believe. There is a collective consciousness that exists within each family, neighborhood, community, city, county, state, country, continent, and then of course the world. It is so much easier for adults to point the finger and blame others for the state we see today. The saying “Become the change you want to see in the world” has become nothing more than a cliche that humanitarians, philosophers, intellectuals, and revolutionaries say to calm the heart of their pacifying judgment. For one to actually become this change they so want to see, they have to be willing to not only embrace their faults and weaknesses, but they also have to be willing to step outside of the box to see any fault in what they have been supporting, using as their foundation to induce their self-centered agendas. The truth of the matter is that not many are ready to conquer their weaknesses and faults, but more are willing to justify it or explain it away.

What then have we become in this world of vanity when all paths have failed us, all ideals have mislead us, all measures of faith have led us nowhere but in circles that are driven beneath the waters of deceit? Who are we kidding? The path to self-righteousness leads all astray and down a road less traveled by the Wise Ones. We walk in bitterness thinking we can change the world. We walk in peace thinking that by no action or by not disturbing the waters of ignorance that we have actually done our families a service.

When will we return to our rightful state of inheritance? Have we even proven ourselves worthy of Life when we do nothing but through it all away for vanity and self gratification? We allow our children to be polluted by the wrath of unconscious methods of living and being with one another. We do nothing but wallow in ignorance when so much that our elders and ancestors have fought for is slipping away, right beneath our feet. It is up to each and everyone of us to educate ourselves about ourselves and then to pass this knowledge on to our children. The wisdom of Life awaits us.. Won’t you please join me in this journey?


when taken seriously will lead you into the deeper mysterious teachings that have been kept, hidden away from our ancestors. The greatest feat that they had to overcome was not knowing that the All Knowing exists within them. Each and every one of them. Each and every one of us. That’s it. When we choose to let our emotions (energy in motion) run ramped, we choose to walk in struggle. When we choose to let our energies direct our actions, we walk like fools. For this matter we must address the issue concerning sexual energy or life force energy that has taken control of the world we live in. One need not seek books written by humans to understand, see the living library that exists within yourself. The blood of life runs strong through your veins, pumping every ounce of information you have ever sought after. The etymology dictionaries defines blood as – “to swell, gush, spurt,” or “that which bursts out” (cf. Goth. bloþ “blood,” bloma “flower” or “to thrive, bloom”. I decided to look up the definition for bloom and Websters has many definitions, but they all say something like “state of having the buds opened”. You know what? I couldn’t stop there, I had to keep going. So I looked up the definition of bud and the American Heritage Dictionary says: An asexual reproductive structure, as in yeast or a hydra, that consists of an outgrowth capable of developing into a new individual.

After reading all of that and seeing the words bloom, blossom, flower, and bud there was only one conclusion to come to: Much like photosynthesis which is defined as the act of capturing this energy (from the sun) with various pigments (such as chlorophyll) which absorb different wavelengths of light or frequencies – We humans do almost the same thing. As we engage in life activities we CAPTURE energy with our MELANIN pigment which absorbs different wavelengths of light or frequencies too (See you tube Dr. Jewel Pookrum for deeper understanding of melanin). The energy or emotions become personified through us and chooses a form of EX-press-ion through the conscious state of the individual. The major energy centers or chakras (correctly pronounced chuk-rahs) or spinning wheels of light (energy) have also been symbolized by flowers for many generations.

The closed flower or bud represents the closed or emotionally clogged chakra. The open flower represents the opened and free flowing chakra. Yet, some opened chakras can be blown out of proportion, literally from trauma, which brings me back to the sacral chakra that governs many things, but especially our sexual energy. An imbalanced in the sacral chakra results in excesses. These excesses manifest themselves in the form of addictions, greed, violence, anger and a consuming feeling of dissatisfaction. In balance, the sacral chakra facilitates rites of passage – smooth physical growth, healthy sexual expression, positive body language, clarity in understanding our needs versus our wants, tempering of desire, utilizing our ambition/passion for higher purpose (rather than base or primitive desire).

How is it then that the issues concerning sexual abuse and exploitation are not taken seriously and remains inconclusive with the spiritual and cultural communities? Many focus on kegels, fabulous fellatio, or seminal fluid retention for increased gratification rather than solutions to heal the many sexually abused boys and girls that wonder aimlessly in our very own homes and neighborhoods. How can any of us determine a path of righteousness and liberation without seeking to balance our imbalanced chakras? How can we hear the spirit of discernment when we have all of these unresolved issues like anger, overpowering and in some cases directing our intelligence? How can we operate as a unit when our overactive sexual energy is directing our desires and confusing our attractions and disturbing our dreams even? What have we become when we put down our children for re-enacting the things they see and hear us do? Our children are having sex – period. They are doing exactly what we have taught them to do. Are you, the parent, willing to educate yourself about yourself enough to save your own child? It can be done. Understanding the sexual energy is only the beginning, there is much more that has to be accomplish, but at least after reading this you hopefully are not pointing the finger and passing judgment on the children that are crying out for help.

Stay tuned for part 3 as we journey deeper and finally go over the techniques for balancing out the sacral chakra and refining the raw sexual energy.

Denika “Lady Finex” Laurie, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, began with her studies in Aromatherapy becoming a certified Aromatherapist through the “Zollinger Healing Systems” method. In 2002, she created an aromatherapy product line of body oils, nut butters, and essential oil therapy with her specialty in spiritual bath salts. She would go on to study hands on healing through the Japanese healing system of Usui Reiki and in 2003, she became a Reiki Master/Teacher and 1st level Karuna Ki practitioner. Denika combined her knowledge of essential oils and Reiki and created Aroma Reiki to help others release and transmute suppressed emotional traumas.

Seeing that her clients needed something more, Denika focused on her spiritual development through Kabbalah, Metaphysics, and other esoteric belief systems. She applied various techniques for her own healing, development, and strengthening of energy bodies. Denika also focused on Sacred Sexuality through the Taoist Healing Arts system and later developed sexual transformative techniques that were divinely inspired. With the advancement of her personal and spiritual growth, she has been able to access keener insight by using her clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities and working with her Angels. Moving further into the field of spiritual counseling, Finex became an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church in 2006 giving her the ability to perform many sacred ceremonies. She added more tools and techniques to her belt by becoming a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor/Practitioner in Holistic Humanistic Psychology in 2007. Later in 2007, she completed her first self-help audio book for women entitled “9 Keys to Unveil Your Secret Wisdom: A Woman’s Journey to Discovering Her Feminine Power”.